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Regisrtration is now open...

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Regisrtration is now open for the ISME Commission Preconference Seminar on Special Music Education and Music Therapy which will be held from 20 - 23 July 2016 at University of Edinburgh’s Pollock Halls complex, Edinburgh. The seminar aims to: • promote Practice and Research in the fields of Special Music Education and Music Therapy through a range of presentations; • exchange information regarding training and education standards in these fields; • foster international dialogue and discussion between practitioners, researchers as well as funders and policy-makers;

An exciting day coming up...

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An exciting day coming up on April 11th at Queen Margaret University on Adolescent Development and Music Therapy: Dialogues in Action, with international speakers. Performances include Sensatronic, who played a storm at October's SMHN event You can get more details and register (free) at:

You can register now for...

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You can register now for the next SMHN event, 'Music and Maintaining Health and Wellbeing' in Glasgow on October 23rd, via the link on the events page for the SEMPRE 2015 conference: Or direct on Eventbrite at: Full programme will be available shortly. See you there!

The British Association for...

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The British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) is holding its next conference in Glasgow on 8th - 10th April 2016 and the call for papers is out with the deadline for submissions 21st September: Here is some information about the conference:

Deadline for the call fro...

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Deadline for the call fro papers at the SEMPRE conference in Glasgow this October has been extended to August 3rd! details on the Events page here ( and on the GCU website (

More details on the next...

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More details on the next SMHN and SEMPRE events October 21-23 in Glasgow are now availabe on the Events page ( Closing date for the call for papers is 20th July!

Thought this might be of...

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Thought this might be of interest to some people in this network. It is a short documentary about a project called 'Layers' that I was involved with in collaboration with Drake Music Scotland. The project involved working with members of The Digital Ensemble to write and produce a new track. You can see the documentary here:

Delighted to confirm this...

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Delighted to confirm this week that the Cheyne Gang COPD choir from Stockbridge will be giving a short performance at lunchtime during our Developing Research on Music and Health event on March 2nd! Full programme is on the Events page, & more about the choir at

Our new paper reviewing the...

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Our new paper reviewing the evidence for how improvisation contributes to the effects of music on health was published in Psychology of Wellbeing journal in December. It's freely accessible online ( All of the published evidence that turned up in the searches related to the use of improvisation in music therapy; results suggest a model for the separate effects of improvisation, and lots of directions for future research! Would be very interested to hear what others think.

Developing the Evidence for...

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Developing the Evidence for arts therapies and arts and health practices - a workshop organised by Nordoff-Robbins Foundation, may be of interest to network members. It's aimed at arts therapists, art and health practitioners and students looking to develop practical skills in how to monitor and evaluate services. Facilitators are Prof Mercedes Pavlicevic and Giorgis Tsiris, two leading authorities on music therapy.

Interdisciplinary developmental workshop

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Hello Everyone,

The project I'm working on has a big vision - Mental Health Support Facilities providing creative arts therapies.  The project is taking it step by step - some smaller than others! The idea is to offer music, dance movement, art and dramatherapy in both individual discipline and interdiscipline formats.  We're holding a couple of things that some of you may be interested in:

More research applying...

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More research applying music to stroke recovery published recently by an international team, open access at abstract participants completed sequential goal-directed actions Playing scales and melodies on chime bars were used as a intervention involving sequential goal-directed actions, and led to significant specific short-term and longer-lasting improvements, though not on all outcomes tested.

excellent review article on...

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excellent review article on music therapy and autism spectrum disorder

interesting article on...

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interesting article on music and Alzheimer’s, addiction, and depression

Earlier this year I had the...

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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of being part of collaborative project in which I worked with Drake Music Scotland to produce 'The Deep' which is the debut recording of The Digital Quartet, a group of young disabled musicians. The project involved mentoring the musicians in the composition and production of their own music which was performed using a combination of digital and traditional instruments. The following is a short documentary about the project:

A review of systematic...

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A review of systematic reviews of trials of music medicine and music therapy interventions by Kamioka et al has just been published with open access at:

Hello and welcome to the...

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Hello and welcome to the new website for the Scottish Music and Health Network. The site is for researchers or practitioners, and anyone else who's interested, to highlight music and health research in Scotland, ask what more we could be doing and how, and get robust research going in this field to benefit us all. So please do use, it to communicate, tell people about it, and post messages here about any events or research you think should be publicised on the site. You can set up groups for your particular area of interest on the Groups page.

Hello. This facility is for...

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Hello. This facility is for anyone to pose questions to the Network about research they're involved in, thinking about or think should be taking place. I'd like to ask if anyone is currently involved in any research into music and health or wellbeing that this website should have information or links about? If so, let me know!

Questions for the SMHN event on June 23rd 2014

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Mapping the Future for Music and Health Research in Scotland* will involve a workshop discussion. For this, it would be great if people could post here any questions they think research in this field should consider.  There are a few suggestions below by way of a start, but this list is for everyone - please do expand with any questions of your own or thoughts on what's there. Look forward to discussing these with you on the 23rd!

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