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Dear colleagues,

Disability Research Edinburgh are delighted to announce our next seminar on the 20th of February featuring a presentation by Dr. Ken McMahon (University of Edinburgh). You are warmly invited to attend this free event, please also consider forwarding this email to colleagues or students who you think might be interested. Venue details and details on how to register are provided below.


'Psychological Perspectives on People with Intellectual Disabilities Who Have Difficulties with Anger and Aggression: Past, Present and Future'.

Psychological difficulties experienced by people with intellectual disabilities have, historically, been seen by some as the result of ‘deficits’ in abilities.  For example, frequent episodes of anger and aggression have been viewed as being the result of problems with understanding others’ emotions, misinterpreting social situations or being unable to consider alternative ways of responding to situations of potential conflict.  Psychological treatments, in many cases, have therefore relied upon trying to overcome these deficits.

However, in recent years, a body of research has developed that suggests that such deficits may not be at the heart of difficulties with frequent anger and aggression.  Instead, the life experiences and social context in which some people with intellectual disabilities live may have a primary role in such episodes.

I will discuss both the historical and recent views of anger and aggression, highlighting changes in the way that psychologists are working with people with intellectual disabilities and such difficulties.  I will also suggest possible future directions for research and psychological interventions.

Dr. Ken MacMahon is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and a Clinical Psychologist who works with people with intellectual disabilities. 


4pm; Friday 20th of February

Room LG11

David Hume Tower

George Square





To reserve a place on this event, please email;

Yuchen Wang:  Y.Wang-81@sms.ed.ac.uk

Any questions or to join the Disability Research Edinburgh mailing list please email;

 George Low:  disability.research@ed.ac.uk 

Feb 20 2015, 4:00pm - 5:30pm GMT



Melissa Bradd