Questions for the SMHN event on June 23rd 2014

Mapping the Future for Music and Health Research in Scotland* will involve a workshop discussion. For this, it would be great if people could post here any questions they think research in this field should consider.  There are a few suggestions below by way of a start, but this list is for everyone - please do expand with any questions of your own or thoughts on what's there. Look forward to discussing these with you on the 23rd!

*If you haven't already registered for this event, the first seminar organised by  SMHN at St Cecilia's Hall Edinburgh on  23rd June 2014, you can do so by clicking 'Attend' on the Events page.

What is it about music that distinguishes it from other interventions to improve health?

Do some people benefit more from musical involvement than others? How can we identify them?

What are the best ways to make music available to people whose health would benefit from it?

In order to improve public health, guidelines are issued for aspects of lifestyle including diet and exercise - should we have health guidelines for music, and what would they look like?